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Crystal Elixir Tumbled Stones

Right now we are extensively testing our entire range of crystal infused water bottles.  We are confident our unique model will set the product benchmark for quality, value and packaging.

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Crystal Elixir is part of the Earth Digital Group, a collection of leading brands offering health and wellness products. With over 15 years experience offering bestselling products online, we have built our reputation on consistent sales results and authentic service to our loyal clientele.

This is your invitation to join us as a reseller of CrystalElixir.com.au – please express your interest below.

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This is your invitation to join us as a reseller of CrystalElixir.com.au – please express your interest below.
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  • Reserve your wholesale discount here. Minimum order quantity 6 bottles.
    Please enter a number from 6 to 500.
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At CrystalElixir.com.au we’ve brought together the leaders in the industry to supply WHOLESALE Crystal Water Bottles so that you can share it with your clients and customers.

Our All Natural Quartz Gemstone Crystal Glass Bottles are unique and compare favourably alongside the big-name, high-end European brands. You can trust our experience and demonstrated track record since 2007 for delivering results and satisfied lifelong customers. 

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If you’re anything like me you may originally have come to crystals with a healthy dose of skepticism. And, let’s be honest, in a post-modern world dense with “fake news” – whose going to put a hand up for the health benefits of a crystal elixir water bottle? For me personally my own journey through healing and recovery led me to yoga, and mindfulness and along the way the energy of chakras and the power of crystals.


Now, I’m totally hooked on crystal elixir water bottles! My deep spiritual belief lies in the power of manifestation and self fulfilling prophecies. Put simply, this means when I deeply invest my thoughts and beliefs into something, I steer toward it and bring it to reality. It’s like positive thinking on fast forward!  And it is this energy that is brought into focus with your crystal water bottle.

Look, I’m not totally blown away by the powers of crystal water bottle reviews, but I know from anecdotal evidence that crystals do have a restorative and healing effect. Just like green smoothies and lava stone bracelets, crystal infused water is not going to drastically change your well being overnight. But it can help you build towards something in combination with a holistic approach.

rose gold crystal water bottle

Based on ancient teachings – and let’s face it, so much of our current health practice is turning back toward the knowledge of our forebears. Using a Crystal Elixir sounds like something from Lord of the Rings or some magical place – and that’s exactly what we are trying to capture. What is genuinely wrong with believing and trusting in the power of a healing diy crystal water bottle?

For some of the clients I share with, using a crystal elixir water bottle is like connecting with an ancient, ancestral ritual. Drinking water that is infused with the ions of some centuries old crystal. And let’s not forget comparing it to a fast food culture where we eat and drink our of #plastics and all our food is smothered in pesticides. Drinking from a Crystal Elixir Water Bottle can seem like a timely antidote to the worries and problems of the modern age.

Crystal Points Obelisk Gem Stone

And it seems I’m not alone… Simply pop on over to Instagram and check for yourself – there are thousands and thousand of posts using our #crystalelixir hashtag.

So it really can be a helpful way of connecting with yourself by taking a sip from your very own amethyst quartz crystal elixir water bottle. I know for myself that a deeper appreciation of exactly what does go on in the greater universe can help with my own process of self love and self forgiveness.

Wholesale Crystal Water Bottles

After all, life is not all about being the fastest, strongest and winning for ego based goals. At some point we feel the need to withdraw, and reconnect with our own sense of purpose. This is where a genuine Australian Crystal Water Bottle can help.

amethyst crystal water bottle

A crystal elixir water bottle is the perfect everyday reminder that it is the little things that are important. It’s easy to lose yourself in the gloss and hedonic treadmill of keeping up with others. Bouncing your thoughts off your natural gemstone with it’s little obelisk inside the water bottle can be just the trick. It’s literally a way to get grounded amongst all the noise and confusion of modern life.

Natural Quartz Crystal has been declared Vanity Fair’s gift du jour for 2019. Just as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop nominated Gemstone Crystal water bottles as deeply desirable. And who could forget Miranda Kerr’s powerful announcement that her Gemstone Quartz Glass Water Bottle was her go to item when exercising.

Crystal Elixir

Crystal Elixir water is so highly thought of that skincare brands are seeking their own crystal water bottle to use in their products!

crystal water bottle

Using a your own Crystal Elixir Water Bottle is in essence about “Giving yourself that little bit extra self love, every time you take a sip” and who doesn’t need that?

For evidence based proof, all we need do is skip back a couple of hundred years to read of the healing and protective qualities of crystal point obelisk wands.  Soothsayers, healers and shamans waved natural gemstone quartz crystal as means of connecting with the mother earth and father sky.

crystal elixir australia

Wholesale Crystal Elixir Water Bottle Australia

Crystal Water Bottles infused with quartz or amethyst at Australia’s best Wholesale prices.

Order safely online and secure your own version to create your own crystal elixir every time you drink.

Crystal Water Bottle Australia

Drinking gem water is a lifeline to strength and sustainability.  As you introduce the crystal water into your body you gain the benefits of the crystal.  It’s like a unique and fast growing way to connect to health and wellbeing.

NOW you can order Crystal water Bottles Wholesale exclusively through CrystalElixir.com.au

Crystal Water Bottle Wholesale

We have secured exclusive rights to an ethical crystal mine in India and are proud to offer you our wholesale discounts.  It just makes sense to share and support balance and harmony in your life – which is what your gem water offers.

Finding the space and time to create your own crystal-infused water on a daily basis is challenging.  Far better to choose one of our premium CrystalElixir.com.au Water Bottles.

Please confirm your interest by completing your details in the form below and we guarantee a 24hr response.



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