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What is Crystal Infused Water?

How do crystal elixirs work?

In Crystal Infused Water, the crystals work by acting in harmony with the bodies innate energies. Crystal elixirs act on your body’s natural rythym and restore your body’s natural balance. First of all, before we go any further, if you are not already familiar with the work of Nikolas Tesla, here’s some background.

Nikola Tesla had some defining principles behind energy – in particular *free energy*

Tesla proposed that the most fundamental principle is energy preservation. Whatever you like, you will continue to do. We like to save energy. It is a psychological response to be more energy efficient. Hence we yearn for high calorie/high energy foods, and are naturally drawn to a laidback lifestyle as opposed to active exercise.

Nikola Tesla and Energy

It follows that changing your existing beliefs requires more energy than simply following your existing routine. Hence, we really thrive under routine conditions, which can lead to a tendency to fall into ruts, or unhappiness or depression. This is why it’s so joyful to go on a seven day sunlight filled holiday. A complete break from routine and the energy miserliness of *same* is utterly joyful.

But for many of us who are trained to seek routine, a holiday itself becomes tiresome and challenging – each new experience drains our energy and so on.

So how can we gain more energy? How can we re-align our energy expenditure? How can we seek out new experiences not as an energy drain, but as an energy invigoration?

Essentially, more energy means more energy for higher levels of *operating power* for our personal consciousness. Intelligence, Empathy and Self Awareness are synonyms of Telsla’s *operating power*

What we are seeking, thoughout this phase of our presence on earth, is a sense of deeper connection – with ourselves, with our relationships, and with our place in the universe. Tesla’s *operating power* captures all of this in a sense of *energy* that we can nurture and cultivate.

Activating Your Energy

Telsa expressed it best himself

“Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves.” Another way of saying this is “You do you, I’ll do me”

Activating your energy begins with your health, what you eat, your exercise and activity, as well as what you surround yourself with. The sun, of course, is the most significant, but also within your own body, their is energy. And your body energy shows up in different energies and densities and patterns. It follows that our thoughts and emotions are connected to these energies.

Crystals and Energy

Crystals are simply stunningly beautiful pieces of rock that we cherish on a individual level and invest meaning and energy into. WHY? Because crystals are very stable forms of matter in the universe. Crystals take eons to evolve and grow and develop. There is intensely high pressure and searing heat – meaning the amount of energy present at the crystal’s formation is quite remarkable.

Crystals grow and form dependent on the particular environmental conditions available. As such crystals are able to diffuse, absorb, deflect, or shift energy within the body. But each crystal vibrates at a different level, dependent on it’s colour and composition.

Using Your Crystal Elixir

Crystals vibrate on levels in alignment with the unique chakras. Crystal healing works in a similar way – you leave the crystal with your drinking water to charge with the specific crystal energies, and then drink it. Using crystal infused drinking water amplifies your healing potential in line with your chosen crystal.

Drinking from a Crystal infused water bottles helps relieve and heal stress and stress related conditions like depression and anxiety. This works by the effect of the crystal water effecting subtle electromagnetic change.

You can stimulate your meridians as well as reflex points using particular crystal gemwater bottles.

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Ancient Crystal Knowledge

From the Egyptians to the Druids to the Toltecs to the first Australians – crystals have been through history and always will be totems and signifiers of energy and potential. Crystals are an integral part of human society and it is no different in 2019. We still quench our thirst for energy through crystals – except we have a more accessible way. Crystal Elixir Water Bottles.