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Using a Crystal Water Bottle

Using a Crystal Water Bottle

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During the production of gem water in your crystal water bottle, information contained in the rocks, minerals and crystals that are used is transferred to the water.  This is the inspiration for the crystal infused water bottle in the first place.

When gem water is taken internally (ie as drinking water from your crystal bottle) or applied externally it therefore has similar effects to when the crystals themselves are used in healing.

Using a Crystal Water Bottle

Crucially, however, it is not any physical substance from the crystal that is transferred to the water –the crystal does not dissolve in it – it is solely energy from the crystal that is conveyed.  This is why it is an elixir water bottle.  An elixir being “a magical or medicinal potion”

Gem waters are therefore ‘healing aids and applications’, similar to homeopathic remedies or Bach flower essences. The effectiveness of your crystal water bottle relies on the information contained in the crystal elixir water, not in the water or crystal itself.

Mineral Waters and Crystal Elixirs

This is the difference between gemwaters and mineral waters, by which we normally mean water that is enriched by traces of minerals.

Mineral water can also be taken as a healing remedy. For example, the mineral water from some springs is used to treat eye problems, kidney problems, digestive disturbances, rheumatism and many other complaints.

Which mineral waters really do offer some health benefits and which do not is, however, something over which experts disagree – but it is always the type and amount of minerals dissolved in the water and their biochemical effects that is debated.

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By contrast, gem waters are, if possible, created in such a way that no minerals, or as few as possible, are dissolved in the water. Ideally, the water does not undergo any physical changes, but despite this the water is altered, as most people can tell from the taste.

This is especially important with our twin chamber crystal water bottle.  There is no physical contact between the crystals and the water, as there is no need for it.

Effects of drinking from a Crystal Water Bottle

Depending on the crystal and water used, the water appears softer, fresher, and sometimes even tastier.

The growth of bacteria in gem water is also slowed, so the water does not become stale so quickly. This was demonstrated in a study carried out at the Hygiene Consultation Centre Pestel in Schwäbisch-Gmünd(Germany).

Water that was left standing in the open, and which had been energized with a Quartz crystal water bottle, remained bacteria-free for several weeks.

‘Gem water’, or Crystal Elixir Water is the term used to describe water that has been informed by crystals.  Crystal Elixir Water is distinct from ‘mineral water’ – naturally occurring water containing minerals – which, because of its biochemical effect, is used as a therapeutic aid.

adapted and edited from Joachim Goebel & Michael Gienger

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