Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

At Crystal Elixir, we sell Crystal Drinking bottles with crystal tumbled stones.

Each Crystal Elixir Water Bottle comes complete with

  • Glass water bottle
  • Pouch of Tumbled Crystal Stones
  • Top lid with silicone O ring
  • Base Lid with silicone O ring
  • Neoprene protective carry pouch with thumb holder
  • Cardboard box

To keep things simple and lessen our environmental footprint, we no longer offer a cardboard cylinder to ship the water bottle in.  We found that the cardboard cylinders were very expensive and were basically thrown away once purchased.

Crystal Infused Water Bottle

No Cardboard Cylinder

This did not sit well with our aim of producing minimal waste and minimising our impact on the planets’ limited resources.  I’m sure you will appreciate that you are saving around $25 by not having your Crystal Drink Bottle arrive in a fancypants cardboard cylinder with metallic printing.

Simple Ordering Process

Please note during your order process you are asked to nominate which type of crystal you want with your elixir water bottle.  Please simply type in the type of crystal.

Currently we are offering Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Obsidian, and Rose Quartz.  If you order 3 bottles, please nominate three crystals.  You can order 3 x amethyst or 2 x obsidian and 1 x clear quartz – any combination is acceptable.