elixir water bottle

Elixir water bottle

elixir water bottle  You may find that the crystal infused water tastes a little sweeter than regular water.

This is because it’s absorbing the elements from the crystal it’s interacting with. The texture of the water may feel different as well — this is all within the range of normal. The amethyst crystal is doing its work on you and your body!

You’ll be able to tell when your crystal needs a recharge when the water loses its different taste. When you need to re-energize your crystal, simply remove from the water and re-soak it in cool salt water as you did before. Allow the lunar energy of the full moon to help your crystal do its best work.

Now it’s up to you to figure out what you’d like to manifest in your life. Think hard about what’s missing, and choose a crystal that will help you achieve your goal. Remember, you can heal from the inside with the help of these precious clear quartz gems on your side.