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Clear quartz is the most versatile and useful of all crystals.  Clear quartz reflects the entire spectrum of light, and you may see rainbow colours when the light is refracted.

Quartz is a strong amplifier of positive energy and light, and at the same time a powerfully discharges unhelpful energies.  In shamanic energy medicine, the mystical aspect of clear quartz crystal is in space clearing, and intuitive healing.

Crystal Infused Water

Meditation, Healing, Grounding and Clarity.

Clear Quartz is piezoelectric, which means it resonates when under stress.  When you drink crystal infused water you permit the water to resonate with your own energies.  And this triggers a transformation to assist you to heal, or even to simply discover your own healing abilities.

Drinking clear quartz crystal infused water is known for it’s energising and health restoring qualities.  This might work especially well for you coming off a detox, or finding peace and calm in challenging situations.  Or simply to fell centred and grounded at times throughout your day.

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Energy Clearing

“It’s important to clear the energy of every CrystalElixir Water bottle prior to your first use. This releases every stone of any previous energy load it may have been burdened with, as well as clearing the way for your own intuitive connection.”


“Crystals have, and always will be, an integral part of modern tech – the first radio was called a Crystal Set, they’re in your car; even this device you are reading from. Historically, crystals have played important roles in human life – from birth rituals to burial rites.”


“Energies of crystals interact with the human electromagnetic field. We share diamonds at marriage, and adorn crowns with coloured crystals. It makes a difference! Drinking from a Crystal Infused Water Bottle assists with these energetic changes.”

Science Based

“The science of geology and the ancient traditions of mysticism are present in each and every Crystal Elixir Water Bottle. Crystals are mathematically near perfect in structure.  Your crystal oscillates in response to your immediate energy.”


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