crystal bottle

Crystal Bottle

Crystal Bottle Prepare the crystals. Wash the crystals well with water, then put them into a glass container and cover them with fresh water. Cover it and set the glass into the sunlight or moonlight to harness the energy, say the believers. Now, the experts say, you have your crystal-charged water, ready for drinking.

Bonus use. In addition to drinking crystal water, the water can also be used to bathe in, to give to your cat or dog, in your cooking water—even the water you use to sprinkle on your plants.

The why. Crystals are said to infuse water with positive energy. As with all crystal healing, different crystals are associated with different properties, so, one might sip from chalcedony water to support expression or smoky quartz for stress relief.

In Australia, accessories are made by companies such as, which makes a glass bottle with a giant amethyst crystal sticking up into it. Vita Juwel does a version where the stones are contained under a dome.

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