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Obsidian is a shiny, black stone that works as a protective amulet. Obsidian is powerful black, volcanic glass. Obsidian is lava that has erupted from a volcano and cooled rapidly. Obsidian can cool as quickly as 10 minutes from molten rock.

Obsidian is the black mirror glass exterior of the lava tube – the lava continues to flow inside and may take months to turn to rock itself. But the obsidian crust is molten lava to black glass in minutes. Herein lies it’s crystal power as a shadow work amulet.

Obsidian’s power lies in it’s transformation from boiling lava inside planet earth – to mere moments later a solid, glass mirror crust. 

Obsidian Volcano Eruption

Obsidian in Geology

Obsidian is formed almost instantaneously when felsic lava comes into contact with water.  Obsidian is found across planet earth, including Australia and Papua New Guinea. Because the temperature changes so rapidly, the molten lava doesn’t have time to form crystals like other igneous rocks – so it forms a glassy material. (If the obsidian is filled with gases, the bubbles form part of the rock and instead of obsidian, we end up with pumice – the floating, grey stone you often find washed ashore at the beach.)

Obsidian water coolingThe change in energy and composition from the depths of the molten planet to the surface of the earth give obsidian particular psychic properties.  Obsidian was prized by Australia’s first people for this reason.  It is akin to your personal shadow side of your self emerging and being transformed on exposure to the light and the quenching coolness of water. 

Add to this the mirror like qualities of obsidian glass, and there is vast metaphorical and allegorical context available for interpretation in terms of crystal healing.

Obsidian Shard RawEssentially, Obsidian brings up our deep heated “lava” energies and reveals it on the surface as a mirror for others. We are encouraged to reveal our shadow self.  This works for us in two ways.

  1.  The dark inky blackness of obsidian is reminiscent of the toxicity and unhelpfulness of our shadow. It is like emitting black noise, or expelling poison. Or accepting that there is nothing further to see or gain by looking into the blackness.
  2. The mirror. Obsidian isn’t “really” a crystal – it cools so rapidly that it takes the form of glass – hence it can be chipped and shaped into arrowheads and sharp instruments. If you exhale your breath on Obsidian and then rub it gently against the warmth of your hands, you’ll notice the mirror effect. And this is the effect of seeing your judgements of others as merely a reflection of parts of your own worldview.

Obsidian Polished StoneYour shadow imposes itself so boldly on your thoughts that you see others through this dark lens that only the mirror can release you from.

“It’s not them,” you may find yourself admitting, “It’s me!”

Obsidian the Psychic Defender

Obsidian is for use when you require psychic defence – from your energy being drained by someone or something around you.

Obsidian can be really helpful if you are blessed(?) with being the target of much jealousy and envy – your obsidian crystal acts to ward off the nature of the evil eye.

Obsidian can be a great ally when you know in advance that you are going to be surrounded by negative, draining people.   Say, you have a family gathering and you are expecting a hostile reception for whatever reason – obsidian is you go to crystal to help bolster your resolve and give you the inner strength to face your tribe with your chin up.

Obsidian Conflict AmuletIf you are venturing into an unfriendly environment – say you have a workplace conflict – have your obsidian on your person, but not in plain sight of others. You definitely do not want others touching or commenting on your obsidian as you want your obsidian private.  This is your crystal and your own shadow.

Obsidian is a rare crystal in that you are encouraged to carry it on your person – for example in your crystal elixir water bottle – so that it can do it’s wonderful work an act as your support, your shield, your defender.

Obsidian Defence StoneIt’s as though your obsidian increases the force-field of your energy so you are less vulnerable to psychic attack should it occur.  Without being negative for one second, your obsidian is a trusted spiritual barrier to support you when you might feel extra vulnerable. 

In fact, merely carrying your obsidian crystal infused water bottle on you will actually repel and deter negative energies like this in the first place.  Powerful Obsidian!

Obsidian and Shadow Healing

Obsidian is particularly favoured by crystal healers for people who are working through and processing their shadow self.

Obsidian Shadow SelfYour shadow holds a lot of your personal power and it can really stifle your life experience, and hold you back in life. Working through your shadow creates a wonderful opportunity for space (exactly like clearing out old junk from a spare room). 

You are left with the delicious joy of choosing exactly what you would like to enter into your life.  This way, you fill that “spare room” with energy that aligns with your personal values.

Power of Obsidian

Obsidian reveals limiting beliefs, unmet commitments, old wounds and unhealed trauma and brings it to the surface so you can fully confront and deal with it. 

Obsidian Peace MakingJust like the boiling lava emerging from beneath the earth’s crust after millions of years – so to your old hurts are brought to the surface.  And just at the right time for you to confidently and capably confront it to forgive, make peace with and settle your past.

If you are working with a therapist or coach or undergoing some sort of change, obsidian is for you. Obsidian helps to create change – it churns and upsets your status quo so that you can see what is not working – and take steps to make changes for the better.

Obsidian Psychology

Be mindful of carrying obsidian with you when you are not geared for this cleansing and repelling process as it may lead to discontent and upset when you are not ready to deal with it.  If you are in the midst of some psychic torment, use your Obsidian Crystal sparingly so you do not feel overwhelmed.

Obsidian Psychic DefenceFor this reason some crystal healers suggest using obsidian only in meditations and rituals to release and let go.  

Obsidian Protective Amulet

As a psychic shield of protection, obsidian is highly recommended. Because obsidian engages with the shadow, it is also best suited to repel the shadow. Through the ages Obsidian has been known as the Witch’s Stone or the Wizard’s Stone because it repels those unknown and once feared energies.

If you’re working through your own dark night, or seeing yourself in conversation with those who have passed – the mirror darkness and depth of obsidian is helpful.   Obsidian, although a grounding crystal, is an aid to help you connect across the mirror of time into the otherworld of the inky blackness.

  • If you have an phobia or irrational fear obsidian may be the powerful amulet to help you breakthrough. Spend some time with your obsidian in the palm of your hands, close down your eyes and center your thoughts on the fear you wish to banish.Obsidian Healing Hands
  • Make your reckoning of the fear as vivid and immediate as possible – bringing colour and sound and tastes and textures to your vision so that you experience physically and psychically in the midst of the fear moment itself.
  • Now allow all the shadow thoughts and experiences to drain into the obsidian – feel as though the obsidian is opening a vector or a vacuum hole and watch as those very same thoughts, tastes, textures and feelings are sucked into it – like a whirlpool. Feel them disappear into the inky black mirror of the obsidian itself.
  • Now hold your own space and give yourself permission to feel the lightness and emptiness of releasing those shadow elements.
  • Is anything left?
  • Are you feeling spent and a little exhausted from letting go of all that old baggage that was no longer serving you? 
  • Does your obsidian wand feel warmer, as though it has soaked up the shadow elements and is digesting them once and for all?

Releasing Trauma with Obsidian

Obsidian Tattoo Trauma You’ll feel drawn to your obsidian piece. First time I heard this I was a little skeptical, but it’s true, if you allow yourself some time to spend with a whole pile of obsidian stones, wands and points, at some stage you’ll be drawn to one for no particular reason.  This one’s for you.

I appreciate buying an Crystal Elixir Water Bottle Obsidian stone doesn’t really offer you an opportunity to connect individually with the piece before you buy it.  But it actually doesn’t matter – it’s even better in a way.

Here’s why – we energetically cleanse each and every one of our CrystalElixir.com.au crystal wands so that they arrive directly for you – ready to be infused with your energy and your alignment.  We use Reiki techniques to heal and cleanse the energy that our crystal infused water bottles have acquired through the process of harvest, manufacture and transport. 

Just think about it for a second, there’s a fair bit of energy being floated about in those stages of the process.  Using a Reiki cleanse means you can confidently start with carte blanche – a blank page – a clean slate – and connect with your water bottle exclusively. 

My first three crystal infused water bottles were bought online – and I had my concerns about whether I would be able to connect with them. It was the same with when I bought my Himalayan Salt Lamps – I doubted myself, thinking I would not like the finished product when it arrived.

Drinking Crystal Infused Water with Obsidian may be helpful for you. Please take the crystal healing properties alongside any professional medical advice.

Crystal Infused Water

Wizard Stone, Oracle Stones and Arrowheads…

Obsidian is steeped in magical association.  Obsidian makes for the perfect crystal infused water!  Obsidian is treasured as a highly personal stone and it’s protective quality are greatly respected.

Obsidian encourages you to embrace your personal power and believe in your self worth to go onto a brighter future.  These qualities are reflected in Obsidian’s ancient use as a highly polished mirror – and as sharp arrowheads.

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Energy Clearing

“It’s important to clear the energy of every CrystalElixir Water bottle prior to your first use. This releases every stone of any previous energy load it may have been burdened with, as well as clearing the way for your own intuitive connection.”


“Crystals have, and always will be, an integral part of modern tech – the first radio was called a Crystal Set, they’re in your car; even this device you are reading from. Historically, crystals have played important roles in human life – from birth rituals to burial rites.”


“Energies of crystals interact with the human electromagnetic field. We share diamonds at marriage, and adorn crowns with coloured crystals. It makes a difference! Drinking from a Crystal Infused Water Bottle assists with these energetic changes.”


“The science of geology and the ancient traditions of mysticism are present in each and every Crystal Elixir Water Bottle. Crystals are mathematically near perfect in structure.  Your crystal oscillates in response to your immediate energy.”


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