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Manifesting Crystals

Manifesting Crystals – using crystals to enhance the energy and power of your manifesting – is simple.  Your crystals are amazing tools to facilitate your own unique process.  Since manifesting is an outward expression of your inner being, you are encouraged to find a safe and calm space to begin your manifesting experience.

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Manifesting Crystals

Did you know you are manifesting each and every second of every moment of your life?  Each thought, emotion and belief that passes through us creates our experience of reality, whether we are aware or intend it to or not.  So imagine how powerful and engaging the process of manifesting can be once you are able to bring your desires and awareness into a flow state in alignment with your core values!  The secret is to bring your manifesting process under the your conscious direction.


Manifesting essentially begins with examining our inner life – as Socrates observed – and reflecting on our thoughts, feelings and beliefs that frame what we experience externally.  By looking deeply at the way we have built our worldview, we are able to step back and perhaps make some subtle changes to allow more flexibility.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates

Our inner limiting beliefs have wider implications across the canvas of our life.  The Law of Attraction (simply put – the ability to attract into our lives what we focus on) states that we draw back to us what we give out.  And that each thought we have, each emotion, each core belief creates what we experience moment to moment.

Crystals as Manifesting Tools

Crystals are the ideal tools for manifesting, and have been valued since pre-history for their sacred, therapeutic and magical properties.  The unique ability of crystals to hold energetic charge and act alongside the gods and spirits allows us to harness their good luck, protection and general well-being on all levels.

Manifesting Crystal Abundance

Manifesting with crystals is about consciously setting our intention and and directing our thoughts and feelings.  The more we focus and the more present we are, the better the outcomes.  Just as crystals vibrate with their own energies, so too do you thoughts and feelings and emotions – and these vibrations attract or repel accordingly.

Each thought therefore becomes a message to the universe that is received and magnified and returned back to you.  But don’t think that manifesting is that simple – there is an energy and effort required to the process.

Law of Attraction

Just like fitness or learning a musical instrument – you cannot achieve mastery and being playing a symphony with just one afternoon of practice.  Manifesting is a lifelong study and is more about the process than the product our outcome.  By changing the way we think and our expectations, we harness the potential of the divine.

Manifesting with crystals is not as simple as declaring “I want more money” or “I want to find a partner” – as though more of what you lack will somehow find equilibrium within you.  Rather, manifesting is about first being what you seek – in terms of being at peace with yourself and radiating that out into the world – and receiving what the universe offers up.

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True Manifesting with Crystals begins with the heart, not the head; with feelings, not emotions.  The secret is to feel deeply what you seek, visualise what it is like when it manifests, and let it land and hold space with it.  Then, let it go without over-attachment or neediness.  Trust the process and that the universe will provide.

Crystal Manifesting Tips

  • Focused Intention – keep your mind and feelings focused on a positive outcome now
  • Total Presence – stay fully in the present moment, and be mindful of ruminating on the past or skipping off into the future
  • Introspection and Contemplation – catch and/or release those thoughts that might trip you up or blow you off course
  • Holding your Centre – stay present with your core self, with authentic, congruent beliefs
  • Choose to have Good Feelings and Constructive Thoughts – step out of negative, self-limiting feelings and radiate positive, inner-glow-joy
  • Non-Judgement – avoid judging and comparing please accept your flow and don’t linger over categorizing every detail
  • Being and Allowing – stay in the manifesting flow of who you are at your core – bless and accept your frailties and imperfections
  • Setting Goals and Making Choices – break your task into manageable chunks and visualise each smaller task as a step toward the bigger overall accomplishment
  • Trust – truly, deeply believe that the process will have a good outcome and that you are worthy of the fruits of your manifesting
  • Gratitude – thank yourself and the universe graciously for what is manifested
  • Flow, Openness to Changegift yourself the surprise of serendipity – allowing fortunate discoveries by accident
  • Acceptance – receive with grace and gratitude whatever it is that you manifest


amended and adapted from Judy Hall, Life Changing Crystals 2013.