Indirect Infusion Crystal Elixir Water

Indirect Infusion

Indirect Infusion is the safest and most effective way to create your own Crystal Elixir drinking Water.

Crystal-infused water from your Crystal Elixir Water Bottle works as an effective, chemical-free natural elixir. Crystal Elixirs have historically been associated with assisting our body’s natural self-healing process. Crystals are offered as ways to connect with a spiritual energy and vibration – and elixirs help you infuse this healing energy into your drinking water.

Whilst we’re not advocating you to quit traditional medicine, we do advocate for the inherent energetic healing qualities of crystal elixirs – standing on the shoulders of the ancients shamans, druids, and tribal elders of yore, as it were.

Create your own crystal infused water

Before we go any further, it’s advisable to note some cautions and warnings about using crystals directly in your drinking water. We’re not big fans of this method. If you’ve been looking around like me, you’ll no doubt have encountered the plethora of direct infusion crystal water bottles out there.

Direct Infusion Not Recommended

At we’ve sought advise from trusted sources and the general consensus is that the direct infusion method is a no-no. Broadly speaking, immersing a crystal of indeterminate origin directly into your drinking water is unsafe. I appreciate you may have seen the many many images of water bottles with a crystal pointing up from the base, directly in the drinking water. We advise against using this method for two reasons.

Crystal composition cannot be confirmed

1-The crystal composition cannot be confirmed – and could contains any number of toxic compounds or mixtures. Let’s face it, we are industrial chemists and no-one can confidently predict the elements in crystal compounds by sight alone. Like asbestos, or lead, or other heavy metals. Not healthy, and not where you want to be headed drinking your crystal elixir.

Direct Infusion is Unnecessary

2-Unnecessary. From the point of view of the crystal energy infusion, all we can see is that the direct contact is simply not required. Crystal energy is widely reported to pass through clothes, fabric, glass etc – the concept is having the crystal in near proximity to the intended target. So immersing a crystal alongside the water you aim to energise is completely acceptable.

Multiple sources advise that immediate proximity is entirely adequate when it comes to energy infusion. So having your crystals a millimetre or two under glass is inconsequential, in terms of energy. But in terms of preventing leaching of potentially unknown toxic contaminants – it’s 100% essential.

Direct vs Indirect Infusion

The direct vs indirect infusion for crystal elixirs method is not widely known simply because there is a glut of direct infusion products available on the market!

That’s basically it. Oh, and it looks as though you’ll be more “powerfully” energised with direct contact. But both are sidenotes and both are potentially leading toward a turning point in the crystal elixir water bottle industry as we know it should direct infusion contamination water tests get in the hands of regulators.

Indirect Infusion Recommended

ALWAYS choose indirect infusion as a matter of principle.  It is safer and means you can drink your crystal elixir without anxiety of contamination.

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