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Crystal Infused Water Bottle

The Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Crystal Elixir Water as drinking water

When we drink from our Crystal Infused Water Bottle, we are seeking two main benefits.  We can achieve two goals in making Crystal Elixir Water – we can improve the quality of our drinking water (without intending to give it any particular effect), but we can also create a therapeutic remedy with a very specific effect. This is what we are aiming to achieve using our Crystal Water Bottle.

Only very few crystals can actually be used simply to improve the quality of drinking water, as most transfer very specific information and therefore have a corresponding specific effect.

For example, only Clear Quartz is sufficiently neutral to be considered ‘unspecific’. The properties of Clear Quartz, such as freshness, clarity, vitality and energy, resemble the very essence of those properties we normally associate with water, to the extent that the Greek origin of thename krystallos (meaning ‘ice’) is particularly appropriate.

Clear Quartz supports water’s inherent quality as a pure, clear source of life.

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Amethyst and Rose Quartz, closely related, are often added to Clear Quartz to create a ‘basic mixture’; they are not only clearly more colour-ful in their appearance, but also in their effects.

Although their effects are normally regarded as very pleasant – after all, who does not want to experience feelings of ‘alertness, consciousness and inner peace’ (Amethyst) or ‘sensuality, sensitivity to the world and liveliness’ (Rose Quartz)– the water they create is not neutral, but rather a beneficial ‘well-being drink’.

The advantage of Crystal gem waters made with these types of quartz is that you can use them over periods of several months, if you wish, so we can justifiably refer to Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz as ‘crystals for improving drinking water’.

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However, we must be careful not to allow any misunderstandings to arise. It would quite simply be wrong to suggest that placing crystals in water could make purifying water with filters or improving its quality through swirling unnecessary.

Gems can only transfer information to the water –they cannot remove any harmful or damaging substances from it. This therefore means that placing crystals in water cannot replace any system of water purification or revitalization.

Crystals such as Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz can ‘improve’ drinking water only by helping to make it taste better, keep fresh for longer (by inhibiting the growth of bacteria) and make the water easier for the body to absorb.

Gem water for healing

Creating gem water as an aid to healing is something quite different from the process of treating drinking water. In the case of the former the crucial aim is to improve our health rather than to improve the quality of the water. Gem water created for healing is essentially a remedy and should therefore not be drunk on a regular basis, but rather be taken in specific doses or applied externally.

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