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I operate CrystalElixir.com.au
I practise yoga most days, run Parkrun every week, and look after my three wonderful daughters everyday.
I aim to live #zerowaste and #plasticfree and for the most part are #vegan but sometimes I have chocolate or a chicken schnitzel.


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The Powers of Crystals

In 2019, we have witnessed a rise of interest in personal development, alternative health and spirituality in general. My own personal journey began with something as simple as getting fit and weight loss and soon evolved into so much more.

I was really disappointed when I was told that traditional modern medicine and the suggestions of various medical professionals were basically endorsements for commissions.

It was a real challenge to see through the “reward for recommendation” medicine that I had been led to believe in since I was young. My parents, for example, saw their GP as a source of knowledge and would never doubt what he or she suggested.

So I started exploring medicine and healing in general for myself.   I was a smoker, heavy drinker, and eating junk food – so things had to change.


It began when I was on holiday at Byron Bay with my wife and our amazing eldest daughter Hazel and I committed to a seven day yoga course. Each morning, I would wake to my alarm at 5am – even though I was on “holiday” – and trudge through the near darkness to a yoga class beginning at 6am.

As I followed the asana and inhaled and exhaled – I began to change. As a family we returned to Byron Bay for the next three years and each year I added another dimension to my routine – running daily to the lighthouse – taking meat out of my diet…

Crystal Elixir Australia

Bringing those “holiday” moments back into my everyday routine is truly transformational. Now I can say I have finished 10+ half marathons, over 100 5km Parkruns, as well as countless yoga classes and what not. My transformation is truly ongoing and evolving.

And what do crystals have to do with all this? Nothing , really. I had to get up out of bed. I had to swim those laps in the winter water. I had to hit the yoga mat when I wasn’t feeling the best… But Crystals were there, all along. Right now, as I rub my hands together and urge myself to keep writing, I find myself falling back onto the energy of my crystals.

How my Amethyst I bought in Byron in 2006 helped me stay clear and fresh so I could focus on training. How my obsidian wand helped me go for interviews and “turn up” when I was undecided.

Crystal Points Obelisk Gem Stone

Crystals are heavily magical and a part of the universal consciousness. If you are anything like me and a basically “lost” around traditional old-school “religion” – crystals might be calling for you. I am particularly attracted the holistic essence of crystals – the “good” and “bad” energy.

Back at University I studied History and Philosophy and honestly didn’t quite get what all the mystical and spiritual stuff was about. Now, I believe that it is as simple as something you deeply invest in – something you make meaningful simply by making it meaningful. It’s a choice and a personal decision.

Crystal Elixir Australia

This is what makes working with your crystals a fascinating and lifelong experience.  As you progress along your “Crystal Journey” you will accumulate a set of crystals from different places and different spaces of your life.  Each crystal becomes an individualised milestone of who you were and where you were at at that particular time of your life.

At the same time, I urge you to retain some sense of scientific rigour and accountability.  Whilst I advocate in favour of crystals, I do believe it is also helpful to build a record of your real-life experiences and whether the crystal has actually worked for you or not on a particular occasion.

Keep your eyes and heart open and view your crystal work as part of an ongoing experiment.  Whilst there are no strict *rules* around using your crystals, you will get intuitive feedback.  Or you won’t.  If not – note it and try something different the next time.  

Crystal Elixir Australia

I choose to invest in some special crystals that resonate with me. It’s a decision for me alone – and it’s not right or wrong or anything to be judged. But it’s resolutely powerful and I can honestly say it has made a difference.

Whether you choose to use your crystals for physical healing and protection, or emotional and mental support, or psychic and spiritual growth is your choice. Please appreciate tat like other “medicine” you may feel “worse” for a couple of days as you first begin your crystal journey. This is all OK and part of the process.

Thank you for reading my journey and you are welcome to stay in touch through our facebook page.

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