DIY Crystal Elixirs

DIY Crystal Elixirs are an excellent all-natural elixir to help our bodies feel spiritually at peace and strong. People have been drinking gem-infused water for thousands of years to promote spiritual and physical health.

Aside from drinking DIY Crystal Elixirs, people are also likely to use it as their agua – which is the feminine noun for water in Spanish. It’s entirely appropriate to use your crystal infused water as a substitute for plain old tap water when you require water in your beauty treatments and even cooking. This way, you can ensure you imbue even more of the healing and mystical properties into your life.

DIY Crystal Infused Water

1 – Soak your crystal wand in salted water for three days. This acts as a cleansing process and resets the crystal from previous energies, so it is ready for your use.

2 – If possible, leave your crystal out under the full moon to soak up lunar energy.

3 – Finally, soak your crystal wand for a night in filtered water for a complete reset and cleanse.

Once you have cleared the ancient energies from your crystal, you are ready to begin making it your own. Here’s what we recommend to add meaningfulness to your DIY crystal elixir.

Crystal Water Bottles

At CrystalElixir.com.au we recommend you take your crystal into your own hands and spend some time with it immediately after purchase. Hold the crystal wand in your hands, let it warm against your palms, let your fingertips feel the edges and the point. As you do this, gently allow your eyes to close and on the inhale begin visualising a white light around your crystal.

It may take a few deeper, slower breaths for you to come to peace with your crystal. It’s important not to rush this process. Relax your neck, allow your head to droop slightly so you are in a reverent and forgiving posture. You will notice your mind questioning and seeking distraction – so take tihis as a sign to begin building your intention around your crystal.

Setting your intention with your new crystal wand is an intensely personal and private experience. Don’t rush. Don’t feel as though you have to say what you think you should. Allow yourself the space and time to come to a special understanding where the crystal is powerful and meaningful for you. Also, feel free to give yourself as much time as you can to deeply commit your intention to the crystal.

DIY Crystal Elixirs

There are no limits or guideliones on what intention you choose to associate with your crystal. Be as relaxed and open to suggestion as you can allow yourself to be – the intention will come to you organically. Some people suggest shining light on what they are lacking in life – to manifest more abundance. Others hint to focus on your strengths and inviting more awareness of when to unleash your personal superpowers.

Once you feel comfortable and at peace with this process, the next step is to re-assemble your crystal elixir water bottle and begin drinking from it!

At first, you’ll become aware that the water tastes different from usual. It may have a certain sweetness, or an alkaline texture. These are all normal responses from people who are drinking from their own personal crystal infused water. And remember when the full moon comes around each cycle to give your crystal some fresh night air and exposure to the lunar vibes to recharge and re-energise. Best of all, you have access to your own DIY Crystal Elixir!


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