Crystal Infused Water

Crystal Elixirs Are Powerful Psychic Energy Tools

Releasing the energy of gemstones and crystals through Crystal Infused Water has a psychic element to it because working with these ancient organic stones takes place on a psychic level. As you will experience for yourself making your own DIY Crystal Elixir, even the powers you use to tune into and care for your crystals is drawn from your inner psychic reserves.

Australian Crystal Elixirs

A Crystal Elixir is a unique, organic and natural energy comprising the distinct properties of each gemstone. In Australia, we use crystal water bottles at work for sipping or in our car when we are on a commute.  This alone makes your crystal infused water a powerful aid in your daily life.

The magical properties of gemstones and crystals help with healing, empowerment, protection, and manifesting your desires. This is no instant fix – drinking crystal infused water for a week won’t change your life. Make your crystal elixir water bottle part of your routine.  And the rituals and deep meaningfulness that goes with it.  It all helps steer your life direction more positively than randomly.

Crystal infused water can be a part of your toolkit to invite love into your life, add substance to your wealth, and bolster your spirits when called upon.

How Crystal Infused Water Works

Crystal Infused Water Elixir AustraliaGemstones used for Crystal Water Bottles contain magnetic vibrations, that positively affect the surrounding energies, including your own personal energy field.

At CrystalElixir.com.au each crystal we use in our safe crystal elixirs has its own unique energy, a unique stone that radiates a complex array of attributes. Drinking Crystal infused water with Clear Quartz can charge you with energy, whilst Amethyst can put you in a deep state of relaxation. Obsidian is my go to for releasing old hurts and trauma, whilst Rose Quartz is for abundance and love.

Essentially, drinking your DIY Crystal Elixir helps you to experience greater levels of peace in your personal meditations. You don’t meditate? Try sitting comfortably (no yoga poses required) and wafting away each thought as it pops up. That’s it in a nutshell. But let’s keep it simple and start with crystal infused water.

Cleansing Your Crystal

Using water and smoke are the most common methods available for cleansing your gemstones and
crystals. That is why a Crystal Water Bottle is so effective. Nature herself offers so many ways to purify.
The light of the moon (during the full moon), and the sun (during the early morning light). Also choose flowing water from rivers or the flowing rhythym of the beach and the dark soil of the earth.

Cleaning Crystals With Rainwater

Rainwater is the purest way to connect your crystal elixir with nature. Rainwater can be used to cleanse your gems and crystal wands. When rain is forecast, place your stone on significant ground where the rainwater can wash over it.

Add meaningfulness to your stone and the process of cleansing, by following these steps

1. Once you remove your crystal elixir wand from the glass water bottle and put it out in the rain, give yourself a moment to meditate upon it’s purification.

2. Take a comfortable position, preferably amongst plants or a mountain view, or at least a silent space in your house.

3. Let your eyes relax, and even allow your eyelids to close. As your eyesight dims, gently deepen your breath and slowly exhale.

Each time you exhale, allow yourself an extra moment or two so you are completely emptying your lungs. Notice your shoulders, and give yourself permission to relax and unfold. There is no need for holding tension in your shoulders. Feel how nice it is when you let your shoulders gently droop.

4. Your CrystalElixir.com.au and your own energy might now feel more relaxed, and your mind should be free of any thoughts that will distract you. It is completely expected for you to feel your entire body relaxing, but still maintaining a sense of firm erectness.

5. As each thought arises – feel confident to empty your mind of all distractions. When unwanted thoughts pop up, let them go. Put them out of your mind.

6. Visualize your Crystalelixir.com.au weakness and impurity as it is washed away by the soaking rain and absorbed into the earth below.



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