Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

Crystal Elixir Australia

One of a kind crystal infused water brings a mystical experience to your daily life.  Ethically sourced, energy cleansed and exceedingly high stringent quality standards.  Australia’s crystal infused water bottles.


Amethyst Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

Unique Crystal Wands

The energy of each crystal wand becomes charged with and part of your own personal vibration.  Each day, with each sip, you imbibe the vibe.  This is your radical self care at it’s most intimate and powerful.

bamboo trio 03


Quartz 01 1


obsidian crystal elixir water bottle

Wholesale Distributor

We’re really keen to share Water Bottles with your business.  Minimum Order Quantity of 12.  Please order direct online.  For customised bottles please use our contact form.

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