Crystal Elixir Australia

Create your own crystal infused water each time you fill up your drink bottle.

Our unique Crystal Elixir water bottles bring ancient crystal energy to your everyday life.

Crystal Healing Energy Each Sip

The perfect way to imbibe a your crystal vibe!  Our unique twin-chamber design offers dishwasher-safe cleaning and easy crystal changes.  Drinking crystal infused water from your glass water bottle creates your very own everyday magic.


High Quality, Leakproof Design

We’ve put together a revolutionary design that makes leaks virtually impossible.  Note our completely distinct twin chamber design?  This means your drinking water has a single top of the bottle opening.  Say goodbye to leaks and hello to quality design.

amethyst crystal water bottle

New Generation Indirect Infusion

Older style crystal infusion water bottles feature crystals in direct contact with your drinking water.  Not anymore.  Now, you can safely infuse your chosen crystal vibration with our new indirect infusion method.  Change your crystals when your mood suits…

Crystal Water Bottle Australia
Crystal Elixir Australia

Choose your Crystal

  • amethyst-988

    Amethyst for purification and letting go of over-indulgence.  Releases bad habits and aids with meditation and clear thought.

  • rose-quartz-988

    The pure stone of love – for your self, your partner, the universe and the divine.  It’s vibrations are a soothing balm to calm your auric field.

    Rose Quartz
  • obsidian-988

    Obsidian powerfully eliminates negative energies.  A strong stone of spiritual protection, a great aid to healing the body and soul.

  • quartz-988

    Multi-dimensional, a stone of light bringing heightened spiritual awareness.  Expands  consciousness, creating universal harmony.

    Clear Quartz


Wholesale Sales Welcome

We’re open to wholesale opportunities and would love to feature in your retail outlet.  Please express your interest for wholesale crystal elixir water bottles here