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Healing Crystals

Did you know that all crystals emit a unique vibration?  By drinking water that is energetically infused with a crystal, you can use this vibration as an aid to soothe, heal, inspire or build resilience. 

There are literally too many ways to count the benefits of drinking crystal energy infused water.  But beware!  Our unique Twin Chamber Design protects you from absorbing any impurities from your crystals.  By storing your crystals alongside your drinking water, you get all the health benefits without any risk.

Water Bottle


Twin Pack


Two Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

Trio Pack


Three Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

Four Pack


over 2500+ sold


Safe Design

Crystal Elixir Water Bottles use Indirect Infusion with a Twin Chamber feature. This means your water is 100% pure!

Choose Your Own

Crystal Elixir Water Bottles offer you the choice of different crystals. Switch up your selection to meet your mood.

Heaps of Extras

Includes carry pouch, Borosilicate Glass, silicone base, and bulk buy discounts!