Crystal Elixir Australia

Create your own crystal infused water each time you fill up your drink bottle.

Our unique Crystal Elixir water bottles bring ancient crystal energy to your everyday life.

Crystal Healing Energy Each Sip

The perfect way to imbibe a your crystal vibe!  Our unique twin-chamber design offers dishwasher-safe cleaning and easy crystal changes.  Drinking crystal infused water from your glass water bottle creates your very own everyday magic.

Crystal Elixir Australia

Choose your Crystal

  • amethyst-988

    Amethyst for purification and letting go of over-indulgence.  Releases bad habits and aids with meditation and clear thought.

  • rose-quartz-988

    The pure stone of love – for your self, your partner, the universe and the divine.  It’s vibrations are a soothing balm to calm your auric field.

    Rose Quartz
  • obsidian-988

    Obsidian powerfully eliminates negative energies.  A strong stone of spiritual protection, a great aid to healing the body and soul.

  • quartz-988

    Multi-dimensional, a stone of light bringing heightened spiritual awareness.  Expands  consciousness, creating universal harmony.

    Clear Quartz


Wholesale Sales Welcome

We’re open to wholesale opportunities and would love to feature in your retail outlet.  Please express your interest for wholesale crystal elixir water bottles here


Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

CRYSTAL ELIXIR WATER BOTTLES is an Australian conscious lifestyle brand.
We provide healing crystal water bottles as tools for empowerment, hope, and inspiration.


Our bottles are unique! Here’s the TWO main reasons people choose our twin chamber design…

1 – The unique design means your water stays 100% pure – no contaminants from being in direct contact with your crystals.

2 – Hygiene and Cleanliness – our water chamber is super easy to clean – simply unscrew the lids, tip out your crystals, and place glass cylinder into dishwasher. It’s that easy!

The secret is in our twin chamber design.

Our water bottle has a single top opening chamber for water. And, below this, a separate base opening chamber for the tumbled crystal stones.

This means that we can offer 100% confidence that your water bottle will not leak. (Unlike other models that have a base mounted crystal and tend to leak after extended usage.)


Each different type of crystal stone vibrates at set frequency- this is why watch makers utilise crystals by regulating their clocks with quartz crystals! In our crystal healing water bottles, we use different stones and their corresponding vibrations to open and access different parts of the body, mind, and spirit.

Since ancient times, communities of intuitives have discovered which stones work best for what, and we have a selection of the most powerful and popular crystal healing stones available for you.


Varying in shades from light lavender to deep purple and another type of quartz crystal, Amethyst is a very common crystal with an incredibly powerful energy.

Amethyst is a stone of psychic protection with a strong connection to the spiritual side of each of us, thus why it is used for emotional and spiritual healing. In ancient Greek amethyst means meant non-drunk (sober), and Greeks would make drinking cups out of the stone in thoughts that it would help them stay sober or so they could drink more!

In a modern crystal healing, we use amethyst to steady the mind and energy and keep bad thoughts away, and is especially great for those dealing with addiction. Amethyst is a worldwide favourite crystal!


A variation of the traditional clear quartz, the pink rose quartz is the stone of love, both of others and yourself! Rose quartz is used to attract love and relationships towards you, and also gently removes bad or negative energy and replaces it in your life with the positivity that love can bring.

Rose quartz is wonderful for healing emotional distress, especially heartache. Drink from your Rose quartz Crystal Elixir Water Bottle and hold it close to your heart chakra, making it even more effective!


There are SO many different variations of quartz, but the image of clear quartz tumbled stones is fairly synonymous with the idea of ‘crystal’ in many people’s minds.

As basic as clear quartz might look, it is one of the most used crystals in healing. Clear quartz is a powerful healer with a incredibly high vibration. It is known as an energy amplifier– it helps everything around it to seem clearer, helping with concentration and memory, and reducing distraction.

The Crystal Elixir Clear Quartz Water Bottle is ideal to use daily in your workspace!